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Existing Landowners

Our Local Partners

A major part of the Sludge Hub network is the local landowners who elect to join the network. Some landowners join due to the issues they face with acid mine drainage, dangerous highwalls, or suspicious impoundments. Other landowners hold a piece of coal history and support the ongoing spirit and culture of coal mining in the post-coal era.

Landowners seeking to join the The Sludge Hub & Company's network can learn more here.

Shaw Mansion Inn - with Scott and Connie Waterfall

Connie and Scott Waterfall stand proud as keepers of the Shaw Mansion Inn; the baron's seat of power in Barton MD from the 1870s till the 1950s and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



A network of landowners avail their Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) to Sludge Hub projects.

Existing Landowners
If you're a concerned AML landowner dealing with acid mine drainage, dangerous highwalls, or just have a deep concern for the continued survivability of our planet, then consider joining our network and hosting a Sludge Hub project that fits with your vision of a greater Appalachian future.

Click here to learn more about how you can support The Sludge Hub with your Abandoned Mine Land (AML).

Some examples of projects available to host on AML include (but are not limited to):

- Sustainable Agriculture

- Machines and Mechanics

- Renewable Energy

- Repurposing/Recycling

- Event Venue

- Arts Space

- Fauna Surveys

- Flora Surveys

- Aquaculture & Fisheries

- Educational Programs

- Soil Remediation

- Highwall Studies

- Spoils & Refuse Studies

- Experimental Treatment of Drying Cells & Settling Ponds

- Soil & Water Sampling

- Lightning Rods & Faraday Cages

- Biochar Digesters

- Biodiversity Improvement

- Erosion Prevention

- Woodworking & Carpentry

- Beekeeping

- Pollinator Habitat Enhancement
- Landscape Architecture
- Sculpture & Modeling

- Carbon Sequestration

- Composting

and MORE.

Your land. Your call.

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