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The Sludge Hub facilitates the transfer of Abandoned Mine Land (AML) to parties who uphold Earth First practices, support cultural preservation, and are keen to join The Sludge Hub's network.

This uncouth and twisted opportunity is brought to you by way of the painstaking scouting of legacy coal mines that were abandoned in the pre-law (pre-liability) era. Our scouts bring back news and drone footage of spectacular locations which are selected for their beauty, accessibility, abandoned mine features, surrounding community, utilities, proximity to medical services, and more. Sites with the special sauce are crosschecked with the list of individuals and groups seeking to purchase AML. If the interested parties pass review for their sustainability intentions, match culture & features of the site, and commit to hosting projects, then The Sludge Hub facilitates a purchase.


The Sludge Hub's support for new AML owners goes beyond matchmaking. The Sludge Hub also offers additional perks that new landowners can opt to take advantage of:

  • Referral to regional real estate lawyers who have been tested and approved

  • A blueprint Operating Agreement for shared land ownership under an LLC model (groups only)

  • Ongoing backend services for routine government filings (fee applies).

Emma lanching Droney Mitchell_edited_edi

A Sludge Hub scout launches her machine, Droney Mitchell, to survey the shores of Blood Lagoon

Organizations, groups, and individuals interested in the purchase of abandoned mine land may signal their intention by completing the interest form below.


There are a wide variety of individuals and organizations who purchase land through the Sludge Hub's abandoned mine acquisition program. These include:


Eco lodges, Retreat centers, & Campgrounds

The deep woods of Appalachia's long forgotten hollers make an excellent location for secluded retreat centers and eco-lodges. These businesses combine their inherent Earth First practices with the vibrant cultural history of the space to offer a unique experience to the offbeat visitor.



Institutes wanting to set up long term post-coal restoration studies often struggle to forge enduring access agreements with AML landowners. These institutes tend to purchase heavily damaged land in order to carry out their restoration projects.



Many pivotal wildlife corridors and habitats are located on or near AML sites. The Sludge Hub assists conservation groups in the delineation and purchase of vital acreage; without the need to purchase any additional land. 

IMG_9212 (1).JPG

Intentional Communities
& Friend Groups

Social communities with sustainability values enjoy the beautiful secluded spaces on/near abandoned underground mines. These communities have special considerations including life support systems, safety, and cultural suitability to the region. Cohabitation requires the highest level of co-owner compatibility.



Individuals or organizations buying land with the intent to resell it for a profit. The Sludge Hub provides transaction assistance, marketing services, and administrative support on behalf of impact investors. 



These kind souls wish only to heal the scars of legacy coal mining without having any agenda of their own. Benefactors donate their land to The Sludge Hub Hub & Company (a 501c3 registered charity) and receive a tax deduction for their generosity.

Organizations, groups, and individuals interested in the purchase of abandoned mine land may signal their intention by completing the interest form below.

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